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Ellie Ewert

Welcome, I’m Ellie!

Once a distant dream, my journey of unveiling the Caribbean’s budget-friendly essence has blossomed into a reality far colorful than I ever imagined.

The summer of 2020, which was supposed to find me exploring the quaint streets of London, instead saw the birth of my first blog, Ellie’s Travel Tips, right from the cozy corners of my college room.

What began as a digital haven for young wanderlusters quickly morphed into a bustling adventure community.

Yoga on the beach

From unraveling the secrets of packing light to charting out economical cruise itineraries, my blog kindled the flame of wanderlust in many hearts, encouraging them to embrace the unknown, despite budget constraints.

Fast forward to now, my thirst for affordable explorations steered me towards the vibrant shores of the Caribbean, birthing “Caribbean for Cheap.”

Here, I meld my love for tropical adventures with the art of budget-travel, striving to debunk the myth that a Caribbean escapade is a luxury only a few can afford. 

Through a blend of budgeting hacks, thrifty accommodation reviews, and a dollop of Caribbean charm, I aim to bridge the gap between dreamy island vacations and budget-conscious travel.

So, whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or someone who’s just caught the travel bug, let’s unveil the Caribbean’s budget-friendly allure together, shall we?